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News & Updates

Dr. Narla awarded the Louis Newburgh Research Professorship      March, 2023

The University of Michigan awarded 51 faculty members with professorships in 2022. As one of the honorees, Dr. Goutham Narla was appointed the Louis Newburgh Research Professorship in Internal Medicine and was recently honored along with the other faculty. A very big congratulations to Dr. Narla on this  amazing recognition! To read more click here

Psychosocial factors impacting barriers and motivators to cancer genetic testing      February, 2023

In a newly published paper in Cancer Medicine, Erika Hanson discusses the impact of psychosocial factors on the uptake of cancer genetic testing. Participants with self-reported depression experienced more barriers to testing than the rest of the study cohort suggesting a need for clinicians to provide more information and support to these patients in order to help them overcome their barriers and get tested. For more factors impacting genetic testing uptake, read the full text here.

Protein Phosphatase 2A (PP2A): from cancer to small molecules     November, 2022

Graduate student Terrance Haanen and Research Fellow Dr. Caitlin O'Connor's review of the field in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC). Read the review here. To read more work from the Narla Lab, please check out our Published Papers page here

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Dr. Caitlin O'Connor, AACR Annual Meeting     April, 2022

Dr. Caitlin O'Connor represented the Narla Lab and the University of Michigan at the AACR Annual Meeting 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. O'Connor received a AACR Scholar-in-Training Award, given to support early-career investigators who presented meritorious abstract in biomedicinal chemistry research at AACR 2022. Dr. O'Connor presented her work, Synthetic lethality by targeting ribonucleotide reductase in PP2A deficient uterine serous carcinoma. The entire Narla Lab is very proud!

PhD Candidacy for Graduate Student      March, 2022

The fourth of the Narla Lab's graduate students recently passed her preliminary exam and has officially achieved PhD candidacy. We are very proud and excited for Alexis Harold. To learn more about Alexis, check out our About page. 

Researchers zero in on therapeutic target for aggressive uterine cancer     December, 2021

Dr. Caitlin O'Connor and Dr. Narla discuss newly published paper, Targeting ribonucleotide reductase induces synthetic lethality in PP2A-deficient uterine serous carcinoma (Cancer Research). Read the article here. This is Dr. O'Connor's first postdoctoral paper which you can read in full here.

Narla Lab Expands Into Third Lab     October, 2021

The Narla Lab moved to the University of Michigan and into our first lab space here at the Rogel Cancer Center at the University of Michigan health system campus in the spring of 2018. Then in the late fall of 2019, we expanded into our second lab space here at the cancer center which we quickly filled up with new lab members and work. Now in the fall of 2021, we are excited to begin to move into our third lab space which will enable us to continue to expand our team and the diverse research we are pursuing. To learn more about what we do and our team, check out our Home and About pages. 

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Irene Peris Martínez, Visiting Scholar     August, 2021

Irene is joining the Narla Lab for the months of August through November from her lab at the Universidad de Navarra, in her hometown of Pamplona, Spain. Irene is a PhD student with experience in biomedical research, mainly focused on the study of acute myeloid leukemias (AML). She considers herself a proactive person with great observation and collaboration skills. She is interested in contributing to the expansion of knowledge in AML in order to provide new information that could improve the diagnosis and prognosis of patients with this disease. 

PhD Candidacy for Graduate Students     June, 2021

Three of the Narla Lab's graduate students recently passed their preliminary exams and have officially achieved PhD candidacy. We are very proud and excited for Brynne Raines, Terrance Haanen, and Brian Tran. To learn more about these three, check out our About page. 

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