Dr. Abbey Perl, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher

Abbey began her research career as a undergraduate at Lehigh University, where she had the opportunity to work in both microbiology and molecular biology laboratories. That's where she began to dive into the world of cell signaling. Abbey pursued these interests as a graduate student in Dr. Goutham Narla's lab. In the Narla lab she is focused on understanding how PP2A signaling regulates the cell cycle in both normal and tumor cells.


Matthew Hoffa, Lab Technician

Matthew is a laboratory technician who began working with Dr. Narla in May 2018. He earned a BA in Biology, with minors in Chemistry and Bioethics & Medical Humanities, from Case Western Reserve University in 2018. Before joining Dr. Narla’s research team, Matthew spent three years in an orthopaedic research lab at CWRU studying aseptic loosening.


Lauren Hurst, Clinical Research Technician

Lauren is a recent graduate of the Ohio State University where she majored in Molecular Genetics, and is excited to experience and meet new people in her alma mater’s rival city. Lauren pursued her undergraduate research in Dr. Narla’s Lab for three years where she conducted projects with her mentor, Caroline Farrington, on Small Molecule Activators of PP2A (SMAPs). They studied SMAPs as a potential therapy in c-MYC driven cancers as well as their anti-cancer activity in breast cancers despite impediments from CIP2A, an endogenous PP2A inhibitor.